Milk being poured into a cup of espresso
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Perfect Latte

Coffee makes the world go round. So, give your morning an energy boost and create the perfect latte in your own kitchen with our step by step guide.
Coffee is our daily dose of oomph.

Coffee is our daily dose of oomph.

It helps us to bounce out of bed each morning and gives us the fuel we need to conquer our day, but if 2/3’s of your latte is milk and foam, getting the right milk matters. After all, it’s the milk which gives this popular drink its creamy, foamy texture which has you floating through the clouds at every delicious sip. 

Milk being poured from a jug into a cup of coffee
Milk being poured from a jug into a cup of coffee


The perfect pairing. Arla Cravendale is a barista favourite for great coffee. Thanks to being finely filtered, it's a great frother! When it comes to making a latte, the frothier the milk, the better. While coffee shops have industrial espresso machines, you can achieve the same level of perfection at home without the superior gadgets. In fact, you can accomplish that irresistibly frothy milk with just a glass jar, microwave and your favourite Arla Cravendale milk.

Step One: Heat It Up

Heat your milk, either in a small saucepan on the hob, or for 30 seconds in the microwave. You’ll want it to gently bubble, but not boil over. You also want to gently warm your mug, either in the microwave or oven.*

*checking it's safe to do so

Pan heating up on a lit stove
Step Two: Froth Up Your Milk

Depending on your tools at home, there’s a number of ways to do this.  Use a handheld frother, an old-fashioned whisk, or simply pour your milk into a jar with a tight-fitting lid and shake it up!

A milk frother being used in a milk jug
Step Three: Make an Espresso

Using an at home coffee machine or a cafetière, brew your espresso. The key is to make it nice and strong. 

You want it to fill a third of your mug.

Coffee grounds being packed into a filter holder
Step Four: Pour The Milk

Now it’s time to add the Arla Cravendale milk to your espresso. Pour slowly into the edge of the mug, keeping the foam back with a spoon. Once nearly full, use the spoon to spread the milk foam over the top.

Milk being poured into a cup of coffee
Step Five: Feeling Fancy?

Sprinkle a little bit of grated nutmeg, cinnamon or chocolate as a finishing touch.

A cup of coffee with wavy latte art