Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

35 min
Beef Stroganoff is a classic and luxurious dish named after the Russian aristocrat Count Alexander Stroganoff. This simple recipe results in a creamy, earthy stew that is a perfect meal for a cold day. Beef Stroganoff can be served with rice or mashed potatoes and a dollop of sour cream, then topped with parsley.


  • Peel and finely chop the onion. Slice the mushroom.
  • Cut the beef into strips. Brown the meat thoroughly in a frying pan using butter. Add salt and pepper.
  • Add the onions and mushrooms. Allow to fry for 4-5 minutes. Pour in the double cream and add tomato purée. Leave the sauce to cook for one to two minutes.
  • Top with parsley. Serve the beef Stroganoff with rice or mashed potato, sour cream and pickled gherkins.

Beef Stroganoff

How do you keep Stroganoff from curdling?
Cooking at too high a heat is a common culprit behind curdling Stroganoff. Slow things down and above all, never allow the sauce to boil.
What is the most tender meat for beef Stroganoff?
Selecting the right cut will depend on your budget – rump steak must be thinly sliced to ensure tenderness, rib eye delivers a guaranteed melt-in-your-mouth texture, and sirloin also works well.
How do you make Stroganoff less watery?
If your Stroganoff sauce is too thin, the classic trick of adding two tablespoons of flour or cornstarch, mixed with water, will help thicken up the sauce.
Why does my beef Stroganoff taste sour?
Accidentally allowing the double cream to curdle is the likely explanation for a sour tasting sauce, so pay particular attention to the heat. You may need to temper the cream before adding it to the sauce. This can easily be done by stirring small amounts of the warm liquid into the double cream until it gradually warms, then adding the warmed cream mixture to the sauce.


Beef Stroganoff
Boneless beef
500 g
Yellow onion
150 g
½ tsp
Black pepper to taste
Double cream
200 ml
Tomato purée
2½ tbsp
Fresh parsley, chopped
½ bunch
Serve with
Sour cream
200 ml
Pickled gherkins

The origins of beef Stroganoff

Though the origins of the name are clear, opinion varies on exactly where and when the first beef Stroganoff was made. One likely story is that the dish was first served at regular dinner events held by Count Stroganoff in the 1800s. The Count’s French chef is said to have come up with the dish, which proved popular among guests, and was eventually documented in a cookbook written by two of the diners.

Serving suggestions

White rice or mashed potatoes are traditionally served with beef Stroganoff, as are Brussels sprouts and roasted root vegetables. There is no hard rule for what to accompany the dish with, however, with everything from steamed broccoli to indulgent fries delivering a satisfying combination.

Beverage ideas for beef Stroganoff

The creamy nature of the dish means it is best paired with a heavier red wine. A dry rosé also works well, with the acidity of the drink contrasting the rich flavours of the meal. A light beer or citrusy pale ale is also an excellent partner to the stew’s earthy notes.

Make it vegetarian

Making a vegetarian Stroganoff is incredibly simple as the mushrooms are already a big part of the flavour. Simply eliminate the beef and increase the volume of mushrooms. Alternatively, add a plant-based beef alternative to preserve the texture of the original dish.