Care in every step

As a farmer-owned dairy company, we control the journey from our cows to you, securing the safety, quality and freshness of our milk.

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We can follow any of our cows thanks to their unique ear tag. This allows us to monitor a single cow’s milk production and keep track of the cow’s condition, medical treatment and milk quality. We keep records of all this information and can look back at it at any time.


We test our milk from each milking. Every day we check our cows are in good health as part of our Arlagården procedures. Immediately after milking, the milk is refrigerated to keep it fresh, until it is collected by the milk tanker.


All our farms are registered and we know the quality and amount of milk delivered by each farm. Arlagården® procedures allow us to control quality on our farms and we monitor this on a regular basis using external auditors. Arla provides an advisory service or visits farms to follow up on problems that may have been identified during an audit. 

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We take the milk from our farms to the dairy in milk tankers – most of which are owned by Arla, others are run by contractors. Our drivers are trained in milk quality and hygiene and they check the milk’s temperature, appearance and smell at the farm before loading it onto the tanker.


We transform the milk into dairy products at our dairies such as cheese, cream, yogurt and butter. We test the milk when it arrives at the dairy and before it is processed. The quality of our dairy products is also tested before they leave our dairies. Most Arla dairies are certified to the food safety standard ISO 22000. Those that are not yet certified meet national standards for food safety. We have a comprehensive training programme and use all the latest technologies.


Our packaging is developed to maintain our dairy products’ high quality and safety. We are also committed to using packaging which has as little impact on the environment as possible.

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