Strawberry milkshake

Strawberry milkshake

15 min
A creamy and frothy strawberry milkshake with a lovely strawberry purée. Enjoy the taste of fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream combined in a delicious cold milkshake. These milkshakes are a treat for the whole family, perfect on a warm summer or spring day or as a cold treat whenever you feel like a creamy refreshment. Serve them immediately with a straw and let the sweet strawberry flavour melt on your tongue!


  • Blend strawberries and sugar to a puree at the highest speed and pour into a bowl.
  • Blend ice cream and milk at the highest speed for approx. 30 seconds. 
  • Divide the milkshake into 2 large glasses and pour the strawberry puree into them.
  • Serve immediately.

A milkshake is only as good as the ice cream flavour. Use a premium quality ice cream with a soft and creamy custard to get the right consistency for the milkshake. Make certain the ice cream is not too firm when blending. Let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes until it is soft – but do not let it melt – before you blend it with the milk.


Do not go overboard with the blender! If you blend the milkshake for too long, the machine will get hot, and it will ruin the frosty and creamy texture of the milkshake. So, hold back on the power button and do not blend longer than necessary. Also, go easy with the milk; you do not want it to overshadow the ice cream flavour. By adding the milk slowly, you will have a better chance of getting the creamy and thick consistency right.

Questions about strawberry milkshake

Making a sweet and frosty strawberry milkshake is easy; you only need a few ingredients and 15 minutes, so you will be able to enjoy a milkshake in no time. Read below to learn more about this delicious beverage and how to make it.

What is a strawberry milkshake?
A strawberry milkshake is a cold drink made by blending milk and ice cream with sugar and strawberries to give the milkshake a sweet fruity flavour. The shakes have a thick, frothy, and creamy texture but are still drinkable with a straw. For a more decedent serving, the milkshakes are sometimes topped off with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkles and decorated with a strawberry on the side of the glass or on top of the whipped cream, making it perfect for a dessert as well as a lavish snack.
How to make strawberry milkshake with ice cream?
You only need a blender, juicy strawberries, and smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream to make a strawberry milkshake with ice cream. Use the blender to blend strawberries and sugar into a puree. Next, blend ice cream and milk for about 30 seconds and divide it into two large glasses. Finally, pour the strawberry puree into the milkshake and give it a little swirl with a straw to combine the vanilla and strawberry flavours. Serve immediately and enjoy a cold, sweet strawberry-flavoured milkshake.
How to make a strawberry milkshake with frozen strawberries?
You can easily use frozen strawberries for the milkshake instead of fresh ones. The frozen berries will give the milkshake a ticker and frostier consistency. Follow the recipe for strawberry milkshake and blend the frozen strawberries with sugar, but let the strawberries thaw just a little bit before turning on the blender. You may want to add a bit of milk to the mix as the blender might struggle to blend the frozen strawberries, and the extra liquid will make it easier to blend. Alternatively, add a scoop of ice cream to the strawberries and let it sit at room temperature for a couple of minutes before adding the rest of the ice cream along with milk and sugar.
Can you freeze a strawberry milkshake?
If you have too much milkshake left, you can save the leftovers and enjoy them later. Simply put the remaining milkshake in an airtight container and into the freezer. When you want to enjoy it again, let it defrost for a while in the fridge until it has the right consistency for you.


175 g
1 tbsp
Vanilla ice cream
100 g
250 g

Sweet strawberry milkshake with ice cream

Treat yourself to a classic homemade sweet milkshake with fresh fruit and ice cream. Our recipe for strawberry milkshake is beloved by kids as well as adults. This pink and frosty shake is bursting with strawberry flavour and is easily achieved with only a few ingredients. Treat your family to a cold, creamy drink made with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, milk, and sugar.

Are you looking for other milkshake recipes? Try a chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream and chocolate biscuits on top. For other strawberry-flavoured treats, check out our simple and decadent strawberry cheesecake or strawberry ice cream with freshly squeezed lime and zest.

Make it with fresh or frozen strawberries

Our strawberry milkshake recipe uses fresh strawberries for a juicy and sweet flavour. However, you can also use frozen strawberries if they are not in season or if you prefer your milkshake to have a richer, ticker and frostier texture. Fresh strawberries are bursting with flavour and are easy to blend into a purée for the milkshake. Frozen strawberries can be a bit difficult to blend, so you may need to let them thaw just a little bit before blending. Add a bit of the vanilla ice cream to the frozen strawberries and let it melt for a few minutes before adding the sugar and blending it into a purée-like texture and pouring it into the vanilla milkshake. This way, you get to enjoy a strawberry milkshake all year round.

Use a good vanilla ice cream

A good vanilla ice cream is essential for a delicious creamy milkshake as it enriches the fruit flavour. The vanilla ice cream should have a smooth and soft texture with fruity and floral notes that melts pleasantly on your tongue. While you can use store-bought ice cream, it is actually not that difficult to make a flavourful homemade vanilla ice cream using only egg yolks, sugar, whipped cream and a vanilla pod. Using a delicious homemade or high-quality vanilla ice cream will give you the best strawberry milkshake.

Experiment with your strawberry milkshake

Shake up the classic milkshake by using different fruits for the purée. For a more exotic flavour, blend mangoes with the strawberries and add the purée to the vanilla ice cream milkshake. The mango-strawberry milkshake makes for a scrumptious tropical treat. You can also make a mixed berries purée by combining raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. The mixed berry milkshake is as delicious as it is beautiful, with a nice almost purple colour.

For a decadent and indulgent sweet dessert treat, use a chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla, and add bananas to the strawberry purée. The mix of strawberry, banana, and chocolate is a classic, taking your strawberry milkshake to new heights, and it is even more delicious topped with whipped cream and a strawberry on the side of the glass. Enjoy!