Coffee with crème fraîche

Coffee with crème fraîche

10 min
Add a touch of luxury to your morning with this coffee with crème fraîche. This recipe gives a decadent twist, blending the rich taste of freshly brewed coffee with the aromatic warmth of cardamom and a hint of vanilla sweetness. Topped with frothy milk and a dollop of perfectly flavoured crème fraîche, each sip offers a smooth, delightful experience. Complement it with the crunch of Italian almond biscotti, ideal for a peaceful morning or as a rewarding afternoon treat.


  • Mix crème fraiche with cardamom and vanilla sugar.
  • Mix the hot milk and vanilla sugar and whisk to a thick foam.
  • Pour the coffee into a cup or mug. Add the milk foam and top with the flavoured crème fraîche.

Questions about coffee with crème fraîche.

Here we answer the most common frequently asked questions about a delicious coffee with crème fraîche.

What is crème fraîche?
Crème fraîche is a thickened cream with a rich texture and mild tangy taste, made by adding bacterial cultures to cream. It's richer and less sharp than sour cream due to a higher fat content, making it ideal for both hot and cold dishes. It's a flexible ingredient that pairs well with a variety of flavours and can be heated without curdling too easily, making it great for adding to hot drinks such as coffee to enhance it with a creamy luxury.
Can I use decaf coffee for this recipe?
Yes, decaffeinated coffee works well in this recipe. If high-quality coffee is used, it won't change the creamy and spiced flavour profile, allowing you to enjoy the rich blend of cardamom and crème fraîche without caffeine. This option is perfect for those who prefer to avoid caffeine or are looking for a relaxing evening drink that's both indulgent and comforting.
How can I enhance the flavour?
Adding crème fraîche to your coffee can take its flavour to luxurious new heights. Select quality coffee and crème fraîche for the richest taste. You can also experiment with the amount of spice and sweetener to find your perfect balance. Finely ground vanilla sugar will also blend in more smoothly, ensuring an even sweetness. If you're feeling adventurous, you can also try adding different coffee syrups to complement the crème fraîche's tangy taste and deepen the coffee's flavour. These simple steps can turn an ordinary cup of coffee into a memorable treat.
What are some serving suggestions?
To present with style, use a clear glass to show off the drink's layered look and creamy, foamy toppings. For a sophisticated and flavourful garnish, sprinkle some cardamom or a few coffee beans on top, or dust with cocoa powder. Serve with a crunchy biscotti for a perfect pairing. Store any leftover crème fraîche mixture in the fridge and use it within the next few days to keep it fresh.


Creme fraiche
3 tbsp
Ground cardamom
½ tsp
Vanilla sugar (for crème fraîche)
½ tsp
2 tbsp
Freshly brewed coffee
200 ml
Vanilla sugar (for coffee)
¼ tsp
Italian almond biscottis (optional - to serve)

Discover tips that can transform your coffee with crème fraîche into an even more indulgent experience.

These suggestions will help you enhance every cup with rich flavours and creamy, sophisticated elegance.

Optimal cream temperature for a smooth finish

For the smoothest coffee texture, let the crème fraîche warm to room temperature before mixing it into your coffee. This step ensures a clump-free, creamy addition to your beverage. To prevent the crème fraîche from curdling, be sure to serve the coffee hot but not boiling. This technique allows the crème fraîche to blend into the coffee smoothly, enhancing the creaminess and evenly distributing the flavours.

Add a spice infusion

Add a fragrant twist and take things up a level by infusing the coffee itself with ground cardamom. Simply mix half a teaspoon of ground cardamom into your coffee grounds before you start brewing. As your coffee brews, the cardamom will release its distinctive notes, amplifying the fragrance and flavour yet blending harmoniously with the flavoured crème fraîche. If you like exploring different spices, try adding nutmeg or cinnamon to the grounds. These spices enhance the coffee's taste and aroma, making your morning cup even more inviting.

Sweeten to taste

Customise your coffee to taste by adding just the right amount of vanilla sugar to suit your preference. Start with a small amount and increase it as needed until you achieve the perfect sweetness that enhances the rich coffee and tangy crème fraîche. For a twist, try using coconut sugar for its caramel notes or a splash of flavoured syrup to add exciting new taste profiles to your morning brew.

Achieve a luxurious creaminess

To achieve a lavish foam, start with your hot milk by frothing until thick and glossy. A steaming wand is ideal, but an electric mixer or manual frother also works. For the crème fraiche, whisk until smooth with a balloon whisk or an electric mixer on medium. This prevents over-whipping, which can cause separation, and creates a smooth consistency that will sit lightly on the foamed milk and coffee.