Our Farmers

Our farmers

Collecting over 3.2 billion litres of milk a year, Arla UK has the UK dairy industry’s largest milk pool, comprising 3,200 farmers, spread geographically throughout the country.

Founded by cooperative principles Arla’s goal is to pay the highest milk price to its owners and supplying farmers. Democratic structures in both Arla Milk Link and Arla Milk Cooperative ensures that farmers voices are heard and the majority of farmers who supply Arla with milk in the UK are co-owners of Arla Foods amba.

Arla’s milk is supplied by three groups of dairy farmers, Arla Milk Link, which is a member of Arla Foods amba, and Arla Milk Cooperative who are corporate members of Arla Foods amba. There is also a group of direct suppliers who are not part of Arla Foods amba but supply milk to the UK business.

Arla works closely with its supplying farmers and its solid relationships with its milk suppliers ensures that Arla continues to lead the way in the dairy industry.