White Wednesdays Supporting the future of dairy at Christmas


Arla White Wednesdays


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This December, we turned Wednesdays white in the run-up to Christmas to show support for the future of dairy and our dairy farmers.


Our farmers don't just milk the cows, they own the company. So we take great pride producing the dairy products your family know and love for the moments you love to enjoy and share like Christmas. And when you buy Arla farmer-owned dairy, 100% of the profits go back to our farmer-owners and their families, so you're supporting them too!

Our Farmer-Owned Cooperative


Will never be the same again

Every Wednesday something different, but all doing the same thing... supporting the future of dairy, the future of our farmers.
From lighting up famous city scenes and a fun, headline-grabbing stunt that's got the campaign moo-ving, to a little 'thank you' from our farmers themselves, there were plenty of reasons to do the white thing and buy farmer-owned at Christmas.

A new kind of bottle bank

On our first White Wednesday, we added to the Christmas spirit on London's Souty Bank with a Christmas tree fountain built from milk bottles.

Standing at 8 feet tall, it certainly turned heads and gave us the perfect opportunity to tell our story to passers-by. That was just the start. Take a look at our Facebook and Twitter account for more from White Wednesdays.

Keep it moo-ving

If you were Christmas shopping in the capital on this White Wednesday, you might have been surprised to stumble across a cow in Covent Carden, or any of the other places they popped op. A ceramic one of course, our real dairy cows were happily at home on their farms. With 20 of them making their way around London, they added to the festivefun and promoted ongiong support for farmer-owned and the future of dairy. Don't forget to take a peek at our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more from White Wednesdays.


Milk really matters to our farmers. To give you an idea just how much, we travelled the length and breadth of the country to meet five of our UK farmer owners to get their views first hand.

Enjoy farmer-owned dairy this christmas

May Santa treat you fairly and make all your dreams come true then fill your fridge with Arla dairy and help our farmers too