The history of Castello®

The history of Castello®

Our story begins in 1893, when the young visionary, Rasmus Tholstrup, decided to dedicate his life to cheese making. Over 110 years later, the story continues, with Castello® being sold in over
50 countries…

Thanks to his high standards and hard work, Rasmus soon became a pioneer in his field. Fortunately his son, Henrik, grew up to share his passion for cheese and the Castello® legacy was secured. Henrik Tholstrup took the family dairy from strength-to-strength, introducing a range of innovative, prize-winning, cheeses.
Henrik bought a Swedish dairy and the successful Bianco cheese was born – a creamy havarti with a smooth and supple texture that became very popular. However, it was Castello® that made Tholstrup a big name within the industry. Tholstrup developed the white cheese over the course of ten years before its introduction, a debut that saw Castello® receiving scores of medals and prizes.

In 1958 Henrik bought several dairies in Denmark, and on the first day of production 17 Castello® cheeses were manufactured. Just four years later, that number had increased to 2,200. 30 years later, 60,000 Castello® cheeses were being produced every day.

In 1963 Henrik received the Danish Cheesemonger's award, having made 'A tremendous effort by introducing the new Castello® cheese, which has made Danish cheese production highly successful and in a few years has gained remarkable popularity both in Denmark and abroad'.

At first Castello® was called 'yellow' because of its golden wrapping; this was the precursor of today's favourites, Castello® Blue and White. Having been acquired by Arla in 2006, Castello® is now available in the UK. Give it a try – taste the legacy!