New Challenges & Ideas

Students & graduates

At Arla Foods we are proud to have many students and graduates working with us. We like the energy and new ideas that students bring to our Company, and we are happy to provide students the opportunity to explore theories in a real-life and practical context, and at the same time give them a chance to build up their personal network.

Please note that this section for students and graduates is only in English. Dig into the schemes and programmes that we offer to students across our business:

F15 Graduate programme

As an F15 graduate in Arla Foods you enter onto an individually taliored 24-month programme, consisting of three eight-month rotations in three different parts of the company. We recruit 15 graduates every year.

F15 graduate programme

Production Management Graduate Programme

The ideal candidate for the Production Management Graduate Programme is eager to put knowledge into action at a production site in one of Arla’s core markets. To qualify for the programme you will have a Bachelor's or a Master’s degree in either Dairy/Food Technology, Supply Chain Management (SCM) or Engineering.

Production Management Graduate Programme

Trainee programmes

Become a trainee at one of our local sites. Join us for 3 years - a mix between school and practical experience. Our trainee programmes are available in Denmark, Germany and the UK. 

Learn more about education as a dairy trainee in Denmark

Learn more about education as a trainee in Germany

Learn more about the Eden programme in the UK

Internships at Arla

Arla aims to continuously offer students the opportunity to come work with us during their studies – e.g. in the form of an internship, if this is part of their formal university education. As requirements and timings from the universities are often country-specific, we urge students to contact their local Arla Foods HR department.

To find out more about being an intern at Arla, please visit this website.

Student jobs

We have a large number of student workers and this is indeed of benefit to both the student and Arla.  All vacancies are published on our website, so please follow our career site or activate a job agent if you are interested in getting a student job with us.