Lactofree - Cheese

Our cheese range is perfect for all those favourites you’ve missed – cheesy pizza, classic sandwiches, terrific toasties, creamy cheesecake and gorgeous jacket potatoes.

How we make Lactofree® semi-hard cheese

Lactofree® semi-hard cheese is made from cows’ milk. As part of cheesemaking, bacterial cultures are added to the milk to create acidity, aroma and flavour. These cultures need a source of food and this food is lactose. The bacteria uses up the lactose naturally found in the milk to give Lactofree® cheese its distinct flavour. The bacteria will stop working only once all the lactose has been used up, leaving cheese that is lactose free.

How we make Lactofree® Soft White Cheese

Lactofree® soft white cheese is also made from cows’ milk. An enzyme is added during the cheese making process to break down the milk sugars into simpler forms that your body can absorb. So what you get is Lactofree®soft white cheese, with the taste and nutritional goodness of regular soft cheese, just without the lactose!