Arla Cravendale®

Here at Cravendale we’re dedicated to providing the freshest and tastiest British milk around. Everything matters when it comes to making our milk, from the grass our cows eat to the clever way we pass it through ceramic filters, that’s what makes Cravendale so special. With 3,200 British farmers in our Arla family (from around the UK) you can trust in our skill and expertise to deliver a top-notch glass of the good stuff. Bottoms up!


Our milk is expertly created using ceramic filters to remove the bacteria that turns milk sour, so we end up with purer milk that stays fresher for longer, without additives or preservatives. Delicious and creamy, Cravendale is the perfect choice for any milk drinker. You can choose from whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk. There’s a two-litre bottle for the big weekend, a one-litre bottle that’s just right for the work fridge, and the mini 500ml bottle for when you’re on the go.


Nature’s original sports drink is a source of 17 essential vitamins and minerals and many essential trace elements. Whoop! And you can sleep soundly because Cravendale is as pure as the driven snow (but much tastier, of course) thanks to our unique filtering system to help it stay fresher for longer.

What makes Cravendale milk so fresh tasting?

Some folk say it's because it's filtered, others say it's down to the mystical Moonicow...