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Here’s to you, healthy heroes. It’s no easy feat saying no to the snooze button and braving the grey outdoors for a trip to the gym or an onerous run ahead of a busy day. And if you’re going to conquer the cold to stay in shape, you don’t want a second of that workout going to waste. High in protein, Arla Protein is made from natural ingredients and is a simple way to boost that toned bod in combination with exercise. In fact, just one serving of Arla Protein is one of the most convenient ways to keep those well-earned muscles in shape and help the body (and soul) before or after exercise, or at any other time in the day.*

*Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and to a growth in muscle mass


Arla® Protein makes for an easy way to contribute towards your everyday protein fix without any fuss. Available in yogurts, cheese, and milkshakes and in a range of flavours, it’s an easy, tasty and natural way to nourish your body before and after exercise. Grab milkshakes and pouches for on the go, or pile cottage cheese on your lunch time snack. Arla Protein gives you a protein fix without the prep.

It takes a special strength to ditch the duvet for that 6am run, so be sure to make the most of that workout. Try Arla Protein today, available nationwide and online.

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Meet the Range

Arla Protein is packed full of, you guessed it, protein, with 20g in every single serving. That’s a perfect amount for a snack to give your muscles a workout boost.** 

As a quark product, our Arla Protein pots are made from natural ingredients and are fat free, meaning you don’t have to worry about any of that other stuff getting in the way of your soon-to be God-like physique, as part of your balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Alternatively, our milkshakes and pouches are perfect for on the go, so you can squeeze every second out of your precious work out rather than cutting it short to get the protein you know your body needs. That means move time lifting and less time mixing!

**Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass

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