All the goodness and great taste of dairy – only without the lactose. Sounds great, right?

What is lactose free dairy?

Lactose free dairy is based on natural cow’s milk, without any lactose. If you prefer to avoid lactose, there is no need avoid dairy altogether. Just make sure to look for lactose free alternatives.

Why lactose free?

If you are lactose intolerant or have a sensitive gut, lactose-free dairy is a great alternative for you. This way you can still enjoy the great taste and nutritious goodness of dairy, but lose the lactose. A win-win really!

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Should I avoid dairy if I am lactose intolerant?

There is no need to avoid dairy, if you are lactose intolerant or have a sensitive gut. Dairy is still perfectly good for you, the tricky bit is the natural sugar in milk called lactose, which some are intolerant to. So by choosing lactose free dairy, you’re home free.

What is Arla Lactofree dairy?

Arla Lactofree dairy products are based on cow’s milk, only without the lactose. You still get the same taste and nutrients as you would from cow’s milk, but lose the lactose. The result? Dairy that is easier to digest*, helping you feel good, inside and out.

How is Arla Lactofree made?

Arla Lactofree dairy is made following a simple and unique two-step process that removes the lactose, while interlocking all the nutrients and great taste of milk.

The cows have done a great job in the first place. So, when we make Arla Lactofree dairy we take great care to keep all the dairy goodness and simply remove the lactose, which is naturally present in all milk and dairy.

How do we remove the lactose from Lactofree?

First, we carefully filter the milk to naturally remove the lactose. This process ensures that we remove around half of the lactose while still keeping all the nutrients and great taste. In order to break down the last of the lactose, we then add lactase to the milk. Lactase is the enzyme that your body has an insufficient amount of, if you are lactose intolerant.

We make sure to preserve all the good things in the milk, and since milk is the basis for other dairy products like yogurt, cheese and spreads, you can safely enjoy all Arla Lactofree dairy. It’s all dairy goodness, easier to digest*, helping you feel good inside and out.

Some lactose free products are produced by only adding lactase to milk, which often means higher levels of sugar than regular dairy.

Feel good dairy

What if we told you that you can still enjoy all the rich deliciousness of dairy, but lose the lactose? Sounds good right!

With Arla Lactofree you can still have your morning cup of coffee with a dash of Lactofree milk, and a bowl of Lactofree yogurt on the side. Spoil yourself for lunch with a couple of slices of wonderful Lactofree cheese. Get the frying pan going with a spoonful of Lactofree spreadable. You can almost hear it sizzle! Still hungry? Then make that chocolate pudding extra yummy with a splash of rich Lactofree cream. Do what feels good for you!

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Explore the Arla Lactofree range of rich and delicious dairy products with all the taste and nutrition of regular dairy, only without the lactose.

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Everything you need to know about lactose free feel good dairy.

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It’s got it all. Arla Lactofree contains the same protein, vitamins, and minerals as regular dairy.

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*Easier to digest if may be lactose intolerant or have a sensitive gut. Arla Lactofree is not suitable for milk allergy sufferers. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.