Glass of milk
Do what feels good*

Arla Lactofree Yogurt

You really are spoiled. Not only can you enjoy a delightful yogurt that is full of dairy taste and nutrition, it is also free from lactose. Easier to digest if you may be lactose intolerant or have a sensitive gut. Talk about a win-win.

How do you take yours?

The perfect start to the day? A healthy treat you can enjoy on the go? Or the sacred ingredient that makes your favourite dish pure gold? You decide.

Do what feels good­

Slurp, gulp, guzzle.
Go with your gut and live with all your might.

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Fresh from the dairy


We are farmer owned.
Dairy produced with passion from the farm to you.

Milk in a jar
*Vit B12 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. Protein contributes to growth in muscle mass. Easier to digest for those who may have gastro-intestinal discomfort caused by lactose intake. Not suitable for milk allergy sufferers. If in doubt please consult your doctor.