New Snacks For Kids

Arla Explorers is a new range of dairy snacks for adventurous kids. The range is developed with and for kids and is designed for little hands and great imaginations. The result is bubbly, swirly and delicious.
And to make them enjoyable for parents to serve, we packed them with loads of fruit, and less sugar*.

*At least 30% less sugar than other products on the market

Swirl It

This stuff is creamy! It’s full fat yogurt with two layers of tasteful fruit purees ready to be mixed and swirled. It’s colourful, it’s fun and it tastes like adventure. Pick your new favourite from mango/raspberry or apple/blueberry

Swirl is. Lactose free. No added Sugar*. Source of Calcium.Naturally sourced ingredients. Great for lunchboxes and any in-between meal Occassion. Give your kids snacks with clean conscience

Explore the bubbles

Uh, this is fun! Arla Explorer Bubble yogurt has layers of delicious fruit bubbles that pops in your mouth giving you an exciting bursts of fruit juice. And it’s creamy, it’s full fat and it taste delicious. Pick your favourite flavour; strawberry or peach.

*At least 30% less sugar than other products on the market

Squeeze & Go!

Easy-peasy. This creamy full fat yogurt* with only real fruits added is ready to be enjoyed on the go or as a part of healthy kids’ lunchbox. What a snack hack! Pick from strawberry, blueberry or peach flavor.

No added sugar*. Can be kept out of the fridge. Naturally sourced ingredients. No artificials.