1-3 years


A new day, a new adventure. Thanks to you, your baby is walking, talking and causing all kinds of trouble. Developing their own personality, confidence and strength to take on the big wide world.

Feeding advice

Teaching your baby to walk

Your baby’s first steps are a big milestone and an exciting stage in their development. But before they get to that big moment, there’s also crawling and pulling themselves up to master. Everyone develops at their own pace, and some babies need a bit more encouragement than others to take those first few steps.

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Our guide to potty training success

Every child learns to use the potty eventually, even if it can sometimes feel like they’ll never get there. You just have to be patient and go at your child’s own pace, helping them to get there without giving in to frustration.


Fighting a bedtime battle?

Conquer the tantrums and nightmares and emerge victorious by trying out these tips to get your toddler (and you) to sleep.

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Baby&Me Organic Porridge

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