Exciting times await! Preparing for your new arrival can be a little daunting but you’ve got this. You and your baby will grow and develop together and soon you will meet for the very first time.

What to expect

How to deal with morning sickness

If you’re suffering from morning sickness, don’t worry, most pregnant women do. It’s just your body dealing with the increase in pregnancy hormones.  As long as you’re looking after yourself, it doesn’t harm your baby.

What to expect

How will my body change during pregnancy?

You will experience a whole lot of changes to your body and emotions during your pregnancy, it can feel like a roller coaster. If this is your first baby or if you’re an experienced parent, these changes will be different from one mum to the next. 

Looking after yourself

What should I eat while pregnant?

From weird cravings to intense new smells, your relationship with food will change during your pregnancy. Some good, some bad. You might find that the food you once loved you can’t stand to be near anymore. But don’t worry, things tend to go back to normal once your baby is born.

Preparing for arrival

What do I need to buy?


Final preparations

How do I know if I’m in labour?

It’s normal to feel apprehensive ahead of the big day, especially if this is your first baby. The important thing is the try and stay calm and positive. You’ve got this!

Final Preparations

How to support her through labour

Being chosen as a birthing partner is an amazing feeling, whether you're the baby's father, a partner, friend or family member.