A bit confused about what lactose is? Don’t worry! We have collected some frequently asked questions and answers here.

What foods contain lactose?

Since lactose is milk sugar, it’s found in dairy products and all other foods containing milk – unless they are lactose-free, of course. For most people, products such as milk and cream come to mind when thinking of products with lactose, but it’s also found in, for example, milk chocolate, ice cream, and many baked goods.

Is lactose a sugar?

Yes, lactose is a type of sugar that is found in milk and dairy products. It’s sometimes called milk sugar.

Is lactose a reducing sugar?

Yes, lactose belongs to the group of reducing sugars. In short, a reducing sugar can work as a reducing agent and donate electrons to other molecules.

What is lactose made of?

Lactose is a so-called disaccharide, which means that it consists of two sugars. Those two are glucose and galactose, and they are both monosaccharides. When the body digests the lactose, it’s broken down into glucose and galactose by the natural enzyme lactase.

Is lactose dairy?

Lactose is found in dairy products. If you want to avoid it in your diet, you can choose lactose-free alternatives. Arla LactoFREE is just like normal dairy products, but without the lactose.

If you want to avoid dairy in your diet, lactose free products won’t be enough as they still contain milk proteins, which are often what you need to avoid if you have, for example, milk allergy. Consult your doctor if this might be your case.

What is lactose monohydrate?

Lactose monohydrate is simply another name for what most people just call lactose, which is natural milk sugar.

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