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Try some great big milk recipes.

Peachy Pancakes

Create our light & fluffy pancakes using juicy peaches and Arla Big Milk. A perfect fruity treat!

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Sneaky Veg Shepherd’s Pie

Sneak some goodness into your little ones with Arla Big Milk’s vegetable Shepherd’s pie!

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5 hidden veg macaroni and cheese

Learn how to make our delicious mac & cheese with 5 hidden veg inside to get goodness into your little terrors.

Strawberry ice lollies on a plate surrounded by bowls, cups, and cutlery

Strawberry and Honey Ice Lollies

Cool the kids down with these delicious creamy ice lollies made with Arla Big Milk and fresh fruit.

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Healthy cereal milk lollies

Enjoy our healthy honey coated and infused milk lollies