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Vanquish the mid-morning hunger dip with Arla Skyr (pronounced skee-er, by the way) – a super thick Icelandic style yogurt that’s naturally high in protein.

Skyr natural yogurt with berries

Icelanders have enjoyed the nutritious benefits of Skyr as part of their daily diet for hundreds of years. It’s carefully strained to give the yogurt a delicious silky texture and uses all-natural ingredients.

With Icelandic strength you can conquer the hardest of days, quash cravings for food and triumph over boring snacking.

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Skyr is made using four times the amount of milk than many standard yogurts, creating a deliciously thick pick-me-up whenever you need it.


Not only is Skyr high in protein, it also has a reduced sugar content* and is fat free.


Made with all natural ingredients, Skyr is a superb Icelandic style yogurt that’s brimming with potential.

Whether you fancy adding a handful of berries or a scattering of granola, Skyr gives you a versatile base to forge your perfect breakfast with.


The Skyr range

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Why Skyr?

Arla Skyr offers a deliciously versatile option for your breakfast and lunch that will help you to avoid senseless snacking. It's high in protein, fat free, and reduced in sugar* making it an ideal breakfast to help you take on the day ahead.

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