The Arla Cravendale Tale

Our farmers are British, our filtering methods are genius and our bottles stand out from the crowd. Learn more about our story here

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A farmer kneeling next to cows in a field
Cereal with strawberries

Why our filtered milk lasts longer

At Arla Cravendale, we think natural is best. That’s why there are just three main steps:  farm, filter, fridge. After all, pure filtered milk is not only delicious, it lasts twice as long too. Here you can learn all about filtered milk and the benefits.

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Our Sustainable Pledge

Sustainability is a really big deal. From our individual farmers and our dairy headquarters, right down to our bottles in your fridge. We want to set an example of sustainability, and so we’re investing back into our people and our environment.

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An old black and white photo of farmers on horses

Our History

We arrived with a splash in 1998, bringing purer and tastier-than-ever-before milk to British fridges. But the history of Cravendale goes back much further than that.

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How we make our milk

It’s deliciously natural and smooth, worthy of an ‘ahhhh’ after every glug. So how on earth do we make Arla Cravendale milk taste so good? We’re spilling the secrets right here, right now.

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