Farmer owned

We are farmer-owned, which means when you buy any Arla product, you know you are helping support our farmers and their families.

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Bringing you the best dairy products

Nine out of 10 litres of our milk comes from our Arla farmer owners. Our milk is then carefully handled by dedicated teams at Arla, who are passionate about bringing the natural goodness of milk to you and your family. Whichever Arla dairy product is your favourite, you can be sure that it comes from a farmer-owned dairy company.

Arla Farmer-Owned Cooperative

Sustainable farming – hand in hand with nature

Where possible, we grow animal feed on our dairy farms. This reduces our ‘food miles’ and reliance on imported feeds, in turn reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a sustainable, consistent, and high quality milk production.

Sustainable farming in Arla
safe, natural and healthy dairy products from Arla

We believe in safe, natural and healthy dairy products

As a farmer-owned company, we are committed to high standards of animal welfare, product quality and food safety. We have our own quality programme, Arlagården®. In the UK, Arla and Red Tractor have worked closely together during the development of Arlagården and Arla is fully supportive of the existing Red Tractor scheme. Arla farmers continue to meet the Red Tractor requirements but in order to implement Arlagården and its additional 16 standards efficiently and effectively across the 3,000 UK farmers who supply Arla; both schemes are assessed at the same time.

Our heritage goes back to the 1880s

Arla Foods dates back to the 1880s, when dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden joined forces with one common goal: to produce and provide the best dairy products, creating new opportunities for business growth. Today we have farmer owners is seven countries across Europe.

Our historical landmarks

Visit an Arla farm

At Arla, we’re happy to invite you and your family to visit one of our farms, to see the care that goes into the production of your dairy milk. Each year, a number of our farmers open their doors and participate in Open Farm Sunday ( A farm visit is an excellent opportunity to experience the passion and dedication our farmers have for dairy farming, while offering an insight into what happens at the beginning of the dairy supply chain.

Find out where and when you can visit a farm

Responsible, sustainable sourcing

We are committed to providing healthy, natural and safe food to the world’s growing population, in a sustainable way. We are leaders in our industry – and one example is our support for the responsible production of the soy which our farmers use in their feeds.

Responsible sourcing

Happy cows are healthy cows >

Milk is unique >

Safe and fresh >

Care in every step >