Milk for healthy toddlers

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Arla big milk is a fresh milk

Enriched with essential nutrients for growing little ones.

Arla Big Milk is whole cows’ milk, finely filtered for freshness and enriched with key vitamins and minerals. Containing iron which contributes to cognitive development, vitamin D for normal bone development and naturally rich in calcium for the development of strong bones and teeth, Arla Big Milk has been developed to meet the needs of children aged from one to five, as part of a healthy diet. The department of health recommends that, from the age of one, children move onto fresh cows’ milk, as well as supplementing their diets with daily vitamins A and D and iron, so Arla has developed Big Milk to support both needs for toddlers.


About vitamin A

Vitamin A is usually found in animal food sources, such as meat, fish and dairy products as well as some plant based sources, like sweet potato, spinach and carrots. 

It can be difficult for toddlers and young children to get enough vitamin A through diet alone, so parents should consider fortified products, combined with a well-balanced diet.

About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight. It can also be obtained from Vitamin D-rich foods, such as oily fish and eggs. If your child isn’t keen on these, then supplementing his or her diet with fortified products, such as Arla Big Milk, is a good alternative. 

How much Vitamin D does your child need?

It’s hard for toddlers to get the vitamin D they need from their diet. Health experts recommend a daily intake of 400 International Units (IUs) but when, for example, 1 large egg only contains 40 IUs, it’s easy to see how a shortfall could potentially arise. In 2012 Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health recommended that the UK food industry should follow its counterparts in other countries, and explore the fortification of foods and milk with Vitamin D.

Mumsnet tried and tested

We gave 250 Mumsnet Product Testers a chance to try Arla Big Milk and they gave it a big thumb’s up, with 9/10 mums recommending Big Milk to a friend. Here are what some of the Mums had to say about Arla Big Milk and the role it can play in helping little ones grow up happy and healthy:

“It tasted delicious and my daughter, who is quite fussy, enjoyed it so much that she asked for a drink of milk (unheard of!)”

“I think it's great, it tastes just like regular milk but I know that it’s full of vitamins which will aid my son’s development. Will definitely buy it”

Co-founder of Mumsnet, Red Magzine’s Red Hot Woman of the Year 2010, and 7th on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour 2013 Power List, Carrie Longton, says:

“We tested Arla's Big Milk with 250 Mumsnet product testers, and both Mumsnetters and their children loved it! We know that lots of parents worry about their children getting enough vitamins - and the reassurance that even the most fussy of eaters can get a good dose of their daily vitamins from a drink of Arla's Big Milk is great for kids and their parents.”



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