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On 23 September 2011, Aylesbury Vale District Council approved Arla's planning application for a new £150m dairy in Aylesbury, on the outskirts of London.

Throughout the planning process Arla Foods consulted with the parish and town councils, residents and groups, listening to and gathering feedback on proposals. This was taken on board and a large number of solutions to mitigate the effects of the dairy on the community were incorporated into the final plans.

Arla UK has an ambitious growth strategy and this new one-billion litre fresh milk dairy is directly in line with the company's growth and environmental ambitions, and its long-term strategy of improving performance in standard milk. It also supports its commitment to sustaining British dairy farming as it would process only British milk.

After in-depth consideration of several potential sites, the site at Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, emerged as the clear front runner due to its optimum location between the farmers supplying the milk and the customer base in the south east.

Once complete, the dairy will create almost 700 jobs and Aylesbury can provide access to the strong local workforce required. There will also be around 1000 construction jobs created during development.

Arla is aiming for the dairy to be the first zero carbon milk processing facility in the world and, throughout the design stage, the potential impact of the dairy on the environment has been evaluated. Going forward Arla is committed to utilising the best available construction techniques, advanced process technologies and cutting edge renewable energy opportunities.