Adopt a Cow — immersive farm experience for schools

By adopting a cow, school children unlock the opportunity to become closer to nature and learn about dairy farming by being immersed in a real farm environment.

Our formula is:

A fun day out in fresh air + learning about the dairy = great school activity for the young ones!

Adopt Daisy?

2 years old, loves to be brushed and rubbed.

Meet more ladies here

What's in it for me?

Guided farm visit

We will help organize a field trip to a farm of your choosing. Our farmers will take you on a tour around the farm and finish it off with some product tasting and vouchers for Arla products. No one will leave without the goody bags!


Making education entertaining is key. To make sure you get the best out of the day we will provide an engaging pack for your class so they can learn while having fun.

Cow-owners certificate

Certificate of adopting a cow will serve as a proud reminider that you are among the most dairy-aware school classes in Great Britain.

How does it work?

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Fiona - 3 years old

She must have some Hawaiian blood because when she walks she does the hula. One of the more curious girls in the herd, if she licks you it means you are now friends! 

Fiona lives on Birch Piece Farms, Sussex - Adopt her now

Poppy - 2 years old

Just turned 2, Poppy is always up for fun and games. She loves to trot round the field looking for playmates. Always the first one to rise and shine, saying ‘Good Morning!’ to the farmer.

Poppy lives on Birch Piece Farms, Sussex - Adopt her now

Buttercup - 4 years old

Buttercup is the quiet lady in the herd. So in the beginning she can be fairly shy, but once she gets to know you, you will become lifelong friends. She’s great at keeping secrets!

Buttercup lives on Birch Piece Farms, Sussex - Adopt her now
What do people say?

Jack, a 5-year-old from Yorkshire

"I got to play with many cows, and they are very lick-ey! Can we ride them?"

Laura, mother of two from Sussex

"Both of my girls went to the farm with their classes which was brilliant.
A full day on a local farm packed with activities, all supervised by the farmer and his family."

Patrick, a teacher of 20 from Lockerbie

"I think this is a great idea to make education more engaging and
also to teach the kids about their country and different jobs that people have"


Farmer owned

We are farmer-owned, which means when you buy any Arla product, you know you are helping support our farmers and their families.

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Open Farm Sunday

Get a glimpse into the life of a british farmer during our annual Open Farm Sunday event

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